On 15 March many women and their allies attended March4Justice rallies around Australia. It was an historic day of reckoning: recognition of past, current and ongoing violence against women. Many victims of violence, their supporters and advocates were there calling for justice. The response from the incumbent government has gaslighting, denial and threats. Instead of believing women with serious allegations of rape, the Prime Minister to the side of the alleged perpetrator, and refused to look at the evidence. He told protesters that in other countries people are shot for such action. This pattern of behaviour is a familiar to victims of family, domestic and sexual violence. When women feel they are not believed they are less likely to come forward for help, protection and to report serious crimes of violence against them. Veiled threats are another tactic used to silence such as when the PM said people in other countries could be shot for such action. It was a day of hope and reclaiming, as Grace Tame noted that it is in silence that evil thrives.

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